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  1. Infant Abduction in South Africa Sheds Light on Need for Infant Security Systems


    Last week in Cape Town, South Africa, the Magistrate's Court handed down an indictment for an infant abduction that took place in the Groote Schuur Hospital in 1997. The woman who is charged with kidnapping the two day old infant after convincing the young mother to take a nap while she watched her newborn daughter. The indictment states that she "entered the maternity ward of Groote Schuur Hospital, where Celeste Nurse was convalescing after the birth of her daughter. She befriended her and convinced her to hand her daughter to her so that she could sleep." Eighteen years later, the crime was solved when a younger daughter of the couple who experienced this tragedy entered the same high school as the abducted girl. Their striking resemblance led to truth of their origin.


    Infant abduction from hospitals and birthing centers is a rare but serious threat. A report in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that 68.1% of infant abductions occur in hospital, whether in the nursery or the mother’s room. This tragic story from South Africa points to the importance of infant protection systems in maternity wards to keep them safe and secure. There are many reasons why hospitals and birthing centers choose to install or upgrade their security systems using Accutech RFID-enabled products: lower total cost of ownership, advanced features, lower rate of false alarms, full compliance, and the most comprehensive customer support program in the industry. In addition to easy integration with existing systems, Accutech and our network of local dealers are committed to making sure that your staff receives the necessary training and support to ensure that there are no weak links in your infant protection system.

    An RFID-enabled infant protection system like Cuddles from Accutech has different hardware components that combine to create an alert when an infant wearing a bracelet enters into a protected area or beyond an unauthorized exit. Our unique soft bracelet has an RFID tag attached to it. The tag transmits a signal at a specific radio frequency that can be identified by a controller (receiver) placed near a point of egress. If an alarm is tripped, alerts can be sounded at the point of egress as well as communicated through existing pagers, two-way radios and centralized command panels. Accutech can help to ensure that your staff spends more time caring for patients and less time managing systems.

  2. Accutech Security Announces Release of 7.0 Software


    Accutech Security is Releasing a Free Upgrade to Their Software Solution Across All Platforms Featuring Significant Improvements to the Graphic User Interface and Simplified Reporting.

    Accutech Security announces the release of version 7.0 of its enterprise software solution free to existing users. This update introduces intuitive enhancements to the Graphic User Interface (GUI), consolidation and simplification of reporting features and a change to SQL as the underlying database framework. Facilities protected by software-enhanced Cuddles Infant Protection, Kidz Pediatric Elopement and ResidentGuard Wander Management systems will benefit from these intuitive improvements to functionality and reporting at no additional cost.

    Version 7.0 is built on an SQL framework, rather than Access, making it an IT friendly platform and allowing for the development of additional features. One of these features is the visible tag assignment window giving users an easy-to-use interface to activate and assign and transfer multiple tags at once. In addition, it is now possible to attach a picture to a tag within the system. With the free upgrade to version 7.0, tag administration tasks can now be done from any computer on the network. In previous versions, these tasks required physical access to the host machine.

    A redesign of the GUI makes version 7.0 an intuitive and user-friendly front end to the industry’s most reliable and cost-efficient advanced electronic monitoring systems. Consolidation of reporting functions mean simpler, easy-to-understand information about the system and any alarm events.

    Accutech Security's specialized, RFID-enabled solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of perimeter based security systems for over 28 years, Accutech has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the safety and security of people and property within a facility. All Accutech systems are assembled in the U.S., installed and serviced by a vast network of authorized dealers, and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive customer support program.



    Response Care and Accutech Security Partnership Provides a Software Solution for LS 2400 or Turn-Key Nurse Call/Wander Management Solution on a Single Head-End.

    April 13, 2015. Franklin, WI - Accutech Security is pleased to announce that Response Care has developed an integration with the LS2400 wandering system. This enables reporting directly on Response Care software, alerts to be sent to Response Care mobile devices and pictures of residents to be included on those devices. If no nurse call system is in place, the R-care portal can act as the software for the LS2400 system. Response Care is a leading provider of wireless nurse call and personal emergency systems for the entire spectrum of elder care and senior living. They are known for integrating into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and verifiable responses to medical emergencies.

    Wander Alarm on Response Care, Android Device

    Wander Alarm on Response Care, Android Device

    The LS 2400 from Accutech Security is a low-cost wander system that provides resident ID, loiter and door-ajar monitoring, low tag battery as well as several other alerts without the need for a computer. The LS  system can provide resident ID and reporting capabilities at the door or nurses station with the optional touch-screen LCD display(s). With the introduction of Response Care integration, it is possible for communities to experience these capabilities directly from a browser based software, or on their nurse call mobile devices. Smooth integration of multiple alerting and security systems contributes to ease of operation, scalability, reduced maintenance and lower equipment and installation costs.

    “We’re seeing a consolidation of alerting systems in the healthcare industry” said Chris Konicek, Marketing Director at Accutech Security. “Communities aren’t interested in three different computers for three different systems. Our goal is to provide the most reliable, scalable, cost-effective solutions that integrate with as many existing systems as possible. We’re also excited that our LS 2400 system has a software/reporting option with the use of the R-care portal.”

    Since 1985, Accutech Security has been developing specialty products to reliably monitor and alert egress to ensure the safety and security of patients in hospital and senior living settings. ResidentGuard wander management systems give Alzheimer’s, dementia and other “at-risk” residents the ability to move freely within their facilities while receiving the protection they—and their families—need. Response Care’s nurse call integration helps caregivers provide quality care, safety and security for their residents by providing state-of-the-art, reliable communication and security technology with one system.